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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


there wasn't anything to motivate me to keep watching after the long running scene started because I wasn't sure why he was running in the first place. it's not clear he's going to get revenge
-1 point

music was good. clubbed to death is awesome.
+1 point

animation could have been a lot better. I can recommend a good animation book if you want.
-1 point

he should have looked more pissed off while running. the facial expression he had doesn't show rage. making him get more and more rageful as the brush attacks his face would have been good
-1 point

excellent directing. good camera angles. his face showing signs of wear / him jumping over the bridge with the huge moon in the background / sparks as he slide down; those were effective in creating the dramatic effect you desired, along with the music
+2 points

theme--guy getting revenge for some smart ass comment in the forum; who doesn't want to see that?
+2 points